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Camps & Training

At AFSA, our precise step-by-step teaching and training methods create a clear picture of technique,tactics, skill and game play through demonstration, explanation and participation.


Training Packages

The Academy is also excited to provide community soccer associations, teams, and individual players training packages from the Academy’s qualified staff. The Academy will provide a specific package based on your training needs. An Academy instructor will be of service to guide clients from consultation through to building a specific program that suits your community’s or team’s needs. Academy packages range from player Developmental Stage to Elite , coaching clinics, dry land training including weight training,speed and agility sessions and off season training tips.

Academy Sessions

The Academy sessions allow players to “drop in” with other Academy players and AFSA staff for formal training sessions on a weekly basis. These sessions place an emphasis on specific training elements such as technique,ball mastery, shooting and finishing, defending and attacking principles and goalkeeping. AFSA training sessions change weekly so feel free to contact Coach Al for an update on Academy sessions.

 High Performance @ Servus Sports Centre  – Open Training 4:30 – 6:00 pm 

Wednesday July 4 




Friday  Drop In @  – Open Training 4:30 – 6:00 pm @ U of L Stadium

June  29





Fees : Per 4 Sessions

U10 -$25/session – $100/4 sessions

U12 – $ 30/session – $100/4 sessions

U13 – U14 – $40/session – $140/4 sessions

U15 – U18 – $50/session – $175/4 sessions

Private Training

Private training sessions are available for players looking to improve their game with a qualified Academy coach. Players/parents will meet with Head Coach Al Fernandes for an initial consultation. Players will then train privately with an Academy coach(es) and training sessions are specific to players needs and goals.

Academy Services

Consultation Fee – $125.00

Team/Group Rate – team sessions or team evaluations – $100/hr + 1-2 Academy Coaches , Group rate(4-6 players) – $75/hr

Private sessions with an Academy Coach

U18 – $50/hr minimum 2 hours per month

U14 – U16 – $40/hr minimum 2 hours per month

U10 – U12 – $30/hr minimum 2 hours per month

Coaches Clinics – rates set by Coach Al

Weight Training Programs/Nutritional Programs – $125/client

Soccer Conditioning/Speed/Agility Programs – $125/client


*Please note that pricing does not include gym memberships,field rental or travel expenses. Prices indicate beginner level players or the novice player. Tier/Club players please contact The Academy for individual player sessions, evaluations and consultations.