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The Beautiful Game

This game has provided me with some of the most amazing moments of athletic endeavour. In my playing days I was fortunate to lead my clubs to city championships,provincial championships and a collegiate national championship. I enjoyed a professional career in the Canadian Soccer League and a semi pro career in the Aberta Major Soccer League.

The Academy is my vision and dream to return some of these moments to every player I meet. A player wants to play and The Academy asks every player that we encounter to make the choice to be a better player,to be a passionate player and to become a complete player.




Head Coach – Al Fernandes

NCCP – National Level 3

LTPD – Provincial B Trained, Active Start & Fundamentals

Head Coach – Lethbridge College – 1999-2008

Associate Coach/Player Coach – Lethbridge Croatia – AMSL – 1999-2007

Head Coach – U18 Boys – Lethbridge Football Club – 2010 – 2013

Head Coach – U13 Boys – Lethbridge Football Club – 2011-present

Lethbridge Football Club – Technical Committee member 2015 – present