Play 4 Ever

Developmental Stages

The Academy believes that it is every¬† player’s dream to play on the world’s biggest stage in a championship match. The question that remains is HOW to get there and is this realistic for every footballer who takes the field.

AFSA enables every player to achieve his/her goals through each of our LTPD development stages. Each player begins with an assessment from an instructor and is then placed in one of the Academy’s 4 Divisions. Each division is broken down into Key Factor Coaching such as soccer IQ, ball control,shooting,heading,defending principles,receiving,passing,goalkeeping,support play and dribbling. As a stage is completed successfully, players will move through to the next division. Players have the ability to set their “own” goals for their “next level” of training or playing. The Academy remains the Jump Off not the landing spot for players.


Our Developmental stage introduces player’s to the game of soccer, basic skills, and soccer knowledge (laws of the game, field dimensions, basic game play). As player’s move through the Developmental stage he/she graduates to the first division. Key Factor Coaching plays a massive part of stage 1 at AFSA.

First Division

First Division will include a review of the Developmental stage and move the player through to small sided games, 1V1, ball control, passing, and introduction to individual positions,tactics and alignments. Key Factor Coaching remains the emphasis.

Premier Division

Player’s graduating from First Division will find themselves in the Academy’s Premier Division. Premier development will include game play specific to a position, off the ball awareness and spacial awareness, defending principles,possession games, finishing,style of play both attacking and defending, intro to fitness , nutrition, mental prep, game day prep, skills/ball mastery and leadership seminars. Player’s at this level will also spend time in off field sessions such as match analysis.

World Cup

Finally, player’s graduating from our Premier Division, will¬† be in the Academy’s World Cup division. Player development will include: dry land training, soccer specific weight training techniques (age appropriate), out of competitive season training,” eating to win”, in-depth ball skills mastery, situational play, 1 and 2 touch mastery, possession games, free kick techniques, mental prep (age appropriate), game day prep,post game debriefing and injury prevention and rehab. All elements in this division must be completed before graduating. This is AFSA’s college and university prep stage.