Play 4 Ever


The Academy’s vision is to encourage the pursuit of realistic athletic achievement based on strong fundamental skills,technique, soccer knowledge and talent. Our goal is to raise the level and appreciation of soccer in Southern Alberta. As the most popular sport worldwide, we are representing not only the game itself but the passion and dedication that comes along with it, which is what we as coaches’ want to pass along to every player we encounter.

The Academy’s coaching staff provides high caliber training packages delivered in a positive learning environment. The Academy’s staff has been handpicked based on coaching ethics, playing ability, soccer knowledge and certification. Add a passion for playing and coaching the beautiful game, academy players are in highly qualified hands.

In the end this will be a choice to be a better player, a passionate player and a complete player.  The Academy doors are open to all and our instructors are always ready to take you on the journey to better football.

Come join us!

Yours in football,
Allan Fernandes